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How can we reduce the damage to the hydraulic cylinder?

How can we reduce the damage to the hydraulic cylinder?

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Hydraulic cylinder is composed of main engine and control mechanism. The main part of the hydraulic press includes the fuselage, main cylinder, ejection cylinder and filling device. The power mechanism is composed of fuel tank, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, motor and various pressure valves and direction valves. The general form of hydraulic cylinder of power hydraulic press is a thick wall high pressure vessel with one end open and one end closed. The structure of hydraulic cylinder of hydraulic press can be generally divided into three parts: cylinder bottom, flange and thick-walled cylinder. The working cylinder of hydraulic press is heavily loaded and frequently operated, which is often damaged prematurely due to improper design, manufacture or use. Therefore, for the hydraulic cylinder, especially the main working cylinder of large hydraulic press, we should know its damage situation and reasons. Pay attention to correct design, manufacture and use.